# mm+ | mercedes-benz plaza

Mercedes-Benz Plaza

Moscow (Russia)/2013 – 2016

A showroom has to offer more than a mere car dealership does when competing with new distribution channels. In times when buying a car is increasingly a question of choosing one online, showrooms have to adjust and provide an experience that builds up a stronger brand loyalty than any virtual selling device can. The Mercedes-Benz Plaza in Moscow is composed of different Theme Worlds that enable a customised client communication. A two-story media band in the centre of the showroom exhibits a recent concept car that embodies the future of the brand. Bought vehicles can be picked up in delivery lounges. Sitting in a loge, the car owners watch a projection show, which ends with their car coming out of the ground by elevator and a gateway that opens to the city. Like a wishing table, their car magically comes into being.