# mm+ | the invention of paris

The Invention of Paris


The streets of Paris are full of magic and light, of views and beauty. Many authors of the last two centuries painted an image of Paris that contributes to the city's aura. The exhibition design for the Paris exhibition at the German Literature Archive takes up the city as an aesthetic experience. A Paris city map leads as a floor graphic through the diverse works of authors like Rilke, Benjamin and Kracauer. These works are accompanied by photographs of renowned artists. Translucent walls create thematic areas and guide the eye of the visitor. There is an interplay between the authors’ original exhibits and the photographies of Paris that, in combination with the exhibition design, evokes an image of the city that was for a long time characterising for this literary focal point. Visitors are invited to stroll through the "streets" and get lost in the different perspectives on Paris and their own memories of this capital of the 19th century.