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merz merz is a young, small and dynamic international office that creates concepts for museums, exhibitions and brand presentations with varying interdisciplinary teams. We draft and design spaces with narrative power in close cooperation with architects, artists, graphic designers, scientists and designers. We create master plans, advise museums and architects and assist companies with their brand presentation and brand communication.   The starting point of our work is always the content layer. We use it to create meaningful ambiences, enabling emotional and intellectual, entertaining as well as contemplative experiences. Museums and exhibitions are, much like a holistically thought out brand presentation, always the result of a dialogue process. Together with our client, this process helps us to determine the specific objectives of each project, to develop a common vision and to provide the necessary structures for the realisation of the latter.

Berlin | Stuttgart

Scope of services: 
Concept development, general project plans, museum design, visual communication, media planning, museum consulting, architectural consulting, brand presentation, brand communication